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My kids always need some cruchy snack to go with lunch esp weekends. So I always make vadavam, murukku or omapodi. For some reason Thattai is very rare. When I visit India I will bring few packets from Ashwin sometime my mum buy from some homemade place. This year when I saw Pepper Thattai at raks place I bookmarked it to try. I tried it and every one loved it. Use fresh crushed pepper to get nice flavour. I have tried with pepper powder and fresh crushed one I loved freshly crushed one

Rice flour / Idiyappam flour - 1 cup
Urad dal - 2 tablespoon
Roasted garam dal powder - 1 tablespoon
Soft Butter - 1 tablespoon
Urad dal - 3 teaspoon
Sesame seeds - 2 teaspoon
hing/ Asafoetia  - 1/4 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Black pepper (crushed) - 1 teaspoon 
Oil - for deep frying


All flour were homemade from my mum and roasted so I didn't roast it. If you are using store brought roast it till warm enough. Take all the ingredients in the list except Oil. Using fingers mix it well. 
Add water little by little and make smooth dough
Divide the dough into equal  balls.. Ball size depends on how big you want ur thattai to be. 
Grease ziplog and take one ball using your finger flatten it. Heat oil for deep frying. Once oil is hot add flatten thattai. And cook in low medium flame till it is done. make sure you flame is low otherwise it won;t cook nicely
Take it out and place it kitchen tissue to drain extra oil. 
Once cool down store it in air tight container. Enjoy!