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Carrot - one of my comfort ingredients (in juice, chutney, salad or soup). It is quite simple to incorporate into any of your dishes. Some carrots give a different taste depending on its origin. I love what we get in this season - the Delhi carrot. It gives nice color and taste. I also love the Australian version (organic or non-organic). This soup is simple to make and the butter in it will keep you full for a long time. 

Carrot - 1-2 (depending on size)
Salt to taste
Butter - 2 teaspoons
All-purpose flour - 1 tablespoon
Bay leaves - 1
clove - 2
star spice - 1
few dry drumstick seeds
Mint leaves - 10-13
cashewnuts  - handful (soak it in hot water)
Garlic - 3-4
Pepper - few I hv added 10
Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
Red chilies - 2
Small onion/ shallots - 5
Coriander leaves - 1 tablespoon

Fried onion - 1 tablespoon


Take about 3 - 4 cups of water. Add Garlic, bay leaves, onion (2), red chilies, clove, Pepper corns, star spice. few dry drumstick seeds. Add sliced big cubes of carrots and cook it for 20-30 mins in low medium flame
Strain the water and keep it aside. Let it cool down.  
Grind to smooth paste with Fried onion. Add cashew. If you want a smooth soup, strain it.
Heat butter. Add cumin seeds and garlic. Fry till slight brown in color. Add the ground paste and the drained stock. Adjust salt. let it boil. 
Heat butter in a pan. Add All-purpose flour and fry till you see sand consistency. Add strained water/stock. Mix it well. Cook for a min or 2 till you get nice sauce consistency
Add this to the soup 1 tablespoon at time (add as required i have used it only for once). And continue to boil. Add coriander leaves and switch it off
Serve hot and enjoy!