Vendhaya Kali Recipe - Sprouted Fenugreek seeds kali (sweet) Recipe - Healthy Recipe

I heard about Vendhaya kali but haven't tasted till recently. I love any sweet with Jaggery / Karuppatti. The version I had was with Karuppati. This is very popular Tamil recipe. In some house hold it is a must when  a girl attains puberty or else if she is pregnant. This dish has cooling property so you can actually do this for your breakfast once or twice a week. Adding Karuppati also has healthy beneifts (My friend swear on it for keeping good hemoglobin levels). This is little time consuming so try this out during your weekend.

Idli Rice - 3/4 cup
Urad dal - 1.5 tablespoon
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tablespoon
Sprouted Fenugreek seeds - 2 tablespoon (If you don't have this add Fenugreek seeds itself)
Salt few pinches
Karupatti / Palm Sugar - 3/4 cup
Ghee - 1 teaspoon (optional)
Sesame seeds oil (Nallaennai) - 50 ml / 3 tablespoon
Cardamom - 1/4 teaspoon (optional)


Wash and soak Rice, urad dhal and fenugreek seeds together for 3-4 hrs. Grind it to slight coarse paste
Add Water to make so that batter is rava dosa consistency
Melt the Palm sugar (karuppati) and strain to remove the impurity. Keep it aside
Heat a pan and this batter. Reduce the flame to low. Continue to stir. 
Slowly add Karuppati and mix well. Continue to cook. When it start to thicken add 1/2 of gingerly oil
Once oil is absorbed add rest of the oil. Continue to cook till it comes to halwa consistency. Add Ghee & Cardamom at this point (if using)
Switch off and have this hot