Karuppati paal - Karupati paal - Milk with palm jaggery - Drink recipes

Recently I started using palm sugar as sweetener for most of my drinks. I love the nutty flavour it brings also all the health benefits too. I  initially not confident about adding karupatti into hot milk as it might curdle the milk. Then was asking my grandma about it. She said if we add it after switching off it should be fine also don't boil the milk after adding karupatti. I followed her instruction it worked!

Milk - 1.25 cup (I  have used slim milk)
Palm jaggery - 2 teaspoon
dry ginger powder - 1 teaspoon (reduce it if you want light ginger taste)

Boil milk. Once done switch it off
add dry ginger, palm jaggery (karuppati)
Mix well. strain it
Serve hot