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Last month my sis called me and said how come you do not have this recipe in your blog? I was like which one (not many in my blog) She was referring to "uppu vada" which is one of the most frequently made snack at our house hold. I thought it was there but she was right as always.. I didn't have this in my blog. I was taking video while making it now my son gave me a weird look and asked me if I was sure I didn't have this in my blog and I said I was pretty sure. Anyway finally I could add one of the most simple yet very tasty vada to the list of snack items in my blog. This is crispy on the outside and soft inside. You will love it for sure

Toor dal / Thuvar dal - 1 cup
Urad dal - 1/4 cup 
Curry leaves - 10 finely chopped
Corainder leaves - 1 tablespoon (finely chopped)
Shallots/ small onion - 6-8 finely chopped
Salt to taste
Red chillies - 3
Hing - very generous pinch 


Soak toor dal and urad dal together for 3 hrs.
Drain water and transfer to blender or food processor. Add Red chillies, salt and hing. Grind to thick vada batter with little water possible
Add chopped onion, curry leaves and coriander leaves. Mix well
Heat oil for deep fry. Take a small lemon size ball and flatten it with fingers and drop it slowly into hot oil. Make sure u drop from side. Let it cook turn it regularly once all sides are cooked in medium flame
Drain extra oil and take it out. Place it in kitchen tissue paper and serve hot