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I love to try different Vegetable biryanis. Since my son is not a big fan of spices, most of the time I use whole spices for seasoning but when grinding I use garam masala. However I have seen this biryani sometime ago in one food show. I wanted to try it out as I knew for sure it would taste good (fresh spice for sure will give a nice flavour right?) I was looking for the right time to try. . Fresh spices gave a nice flavour and aroma. 

Bastmati rice or sona masoori - 1.5 cup
Mixed vegetables - 1.5 cups
Coriander leaves + Mint leaves - 3 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon coriander leaves
Ginger garlic paste - 1 teaspoon
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
Ghee - 3 teaspoon (you can replace it with Oil. But Ghee gives nice flavour)

To Grind

Grated coconut - 1/2 cup
Poppy seeds - 1.5 teaspoon
Cinnamon - 1 inch
Cloves - 2
Cardamom - 2
Marathi Mokku - 1
Green chillies - 3


Grind all the ingredients under to grind section with little water.
Heat Ghee and add Cumin seeds. Let it crackle. Add Onion and fry till brown color
Add Ginger garlic paste. Fry till nice aroma released. Add grinded paste, Coriander leaves. Fry for 2 mins
Add mixed vegetables, Salt and water required for rice (I use 1:1.25). Let it cook
Add Rice & adjust salt , And cook it by closing lid
Once cooked fluff it. Add coriander leaves. mix it
Serve hot