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Mango Milkshake recipe - Simple Milkshake with Mango - Milkshake with condensed milk recipe - Summer recipes

Have you tried milkshake with condensed milk? I tried at my friend's place. It was so rich and creamy. Thick enough I can have it in a spoon. Since it is so rich you cannot serve it in big glasses. If you want it thinner consistency add milk. I have posted mango milkshake with ice cream and without ice cream. It is perfect treat for the Mango lovers. You can try with any variety of mango

Mango - 1 whole mango (I have used big banganapalli)  + 1 tablespoon of chopped Mango
Milk - 1.5 cup (Full cream milk)
Condensed Milk - 1/2 cup


Combine Mango, Condensed milk Make a smooth paste. 
Add Milk and Whip it
Serve chilled
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  1. Condensed milk is an amazing ingredient. It makes any boring thing interesting... hehe...


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