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Any mango base dish will work for me. Also fruit base kheer requires less sugar compared to non fruit ones. I did it with Rice but you can do same with sago and vermicelli also. It is a very rich dessert with Mango and milk. I love to have it by itself and chilled. But if you want to serve with your favourite Vada or hot you can do it. Do try this rich dessert before season ends
Mango pulp - 1/2 cup + chopped mango for garnishing
Bastmati rice - 1 tablespoon
Milk - 1.5 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Sugar - 1.5 tablespoon (adjust to your taste)
Cashew - 1 tablespoon
Ghee  1 teaspoon


Add Saffron to hot milk and keep it aside. Heat ghee and fry cashews till brown Remove cashews and keep it aside
Take Bastmati rice in blendar and grind to rava consistency
In Same pan add Rice and fry till slight brown color. Add Milk
Add spoon (this will prevent overflowing of milk). Cook for 3 whistles 
Let it cool down. When it is ready to open. Open it and remove the spoon. Add Sugar. Boil for a min
Add saffron milk. Continue to boil in low flame. Add cardamom powder, cashew mix well. 
Switch it off and let it cool down. Once cool down add Mango pulp mix well. Top it off with chopped mango and fried cashew