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Sweet Potato Waffles - Breakfast / Brunch recipe - Kids friendly recipe

My kids love waffles for their breakfast. I tried this sweet potato waffle during my biz trip to China. I have used Pancake flour but if you want you can replace it with Wheat flour. This can be given as a snack as well. This is very simple.. If you want a savory one just add chilli, coriander powder to get sweet and spicy taste. I prefer this version. Here you go with recipe

Cooked and mashed Sweet Potato - 1 cup
Pancake flour - 1 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup
Water - As required
Butter for cooking waffles


Cook and mash sweet potato

Take all the ingredients except butter and mix well to make Waffle batter

Grease Waffles pan with butter / oil. Once hot pour laddle full of batter. Close it and let it cook (per instruction)

Once done toast it in bread toaster for 3-5 mins. Turn it in the middle to get crispy waffle

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