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Cardamom Tea - Elakkai Tea recipe - Tea recipes

My most comforting drink during tea time is cardamom tea. I love cardamom favour so much so I do have Elachi cream biscuits. Otherwise I don't take Cream biscuits. So When I visited Spice Market / spice souk in Dubai I could not resist my itch to buy Cardamom. They had different quality and it was so fresh the whole market filled with a nice aroma of fresh spices. This is my go to recipe these days whenever I make tea for myself. Even though it is simple recipe I still wanted to share my version of it. Enjoy!

Milk - 1 cup (I have used full fat)
Water - 2 cup
Sugar to taste
Tea powder - 1 teaspoon
Cardamom - 8-10


Boil water with Tea powder, cardamom, sugar. Boil for 2-3 mins
Add Milk and boil till it is forthy reduce flame and simmer it for 1 min. If you want stronger tea continue
Strain it 
serve hot
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  1. My chai is always with elakka in it, an indispensible part... :)


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