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valaipoo biryani - Banana Flower biryani - Valaipoo rice - One pot Meal - Lunch recipes - lunch box recipe - rice recipes

Other day when I visited one of my colleague's house in Chennai she served valai poo (Arati poovu, Bhale Hoova) biryani. She told me that she has checked my blog to make sure that she cooked something new.. Before I tasted it I kind of not sure about the taste of valai poo in the biryani. But it tasted really good. Yeah you had slight "thuvarppu" in Valaipoo which gave it a nice taste. I loved it. She said she got this recipe from her Mother In Law. Her version didn't include Toor dal. But when I made it I added it to enhance nutritional value. It is good way of including a vegetable otherwise seldom liked by kids 
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Cucumber oats buttermilk smoothie - breakfast smoothie recipe - healthy breakfast recipe

I am so bored with regular oats meal. If you are like me then this will be good alternative. It is also very quick to make so it is perfect for busy mums / Housewifes. Good option for dieting person. I love these savoury  smoothies for breakfast. If pre roast the cumin and pepper this dish can be one of simplest but tasty. It is also a cold version of smoothie so you can make it the first thing in the morning to avoid missing breakfast in haripari 
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Mixed bean salad with strawberry salad dressing - Salad recipes - Healthy one pot meal - Diet recipe - Party recipes - Diet recipes

Salads have become so interesting for me ever since I started to try using different salad dressings. This is perfect way to make your boring salad into enjoyable one. I mistakenly brought home 2 pockets of strawberry which I did know how to use. I remember having salad with strawberry dressing during one of my office outings. I love  strawberry smoothie . So thought of combining buttermilk and strawberry for salad dressing. I have used raisins to sweeten the dressing. You can replace it with sugar and if your strawberry is sweet you can all together skip it. Happy dieting!
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Avarakkai Kootu recipe - Broad Beans Kootu (gravy) recipe - Side Dish recipe

Kootu is a comfort food. If it is a lazy day you just need kootu and steamed rice to have a comforting meal. This is quite simple to make and I always feel with one vegetable, dal and onion it is quite balanced too.  If I use sambar powder then I normally do not use coconut. However this version is with coconut. While I have used mixed dals for this recipe, you can do it one dal only. Do try this during this season and enjoy
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Tiffin Sambar with Toor Dal - Idli Sambar recipe - Sambar Recipes - Vegetarian Gravy Recipe

I love to try different sambar recipes for idli / dosa. My husband can have sambar with literally anything. My mum does idli sambar with toor dal and moong (yellow split) dal. However I do this version quite often too. I wanted to post it with video. Finally made it. It is quite flavourful because the powder is made with fresh spices which is fried in little bit of ghee. I like the Ghee smell but if you prefer oil you can use oil to fry too. It goes well with idli / rava idli or dosa. You can add your favourite vegetables. Sometimes I add 2 tablespoon of coconut but this version has no coconut added.
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Puli Milagai - Indian Pickle with Chilli, Tamarind and Jaggery - Side dish for idli, dosa and yogurt rice

In my childhood days during the season of fresh green chillies (normally around Pongal days) my great grandma used to make Chilli pickle which is most favourite. I can finish the entire Jar in few days. Tangy Tamarind, Sweet Jagger and firey Chillies really fantastic combinations. Now a days you get green chillies almost everyday. I was asking my grandma for recipe.. Finally she found the hand written one. So hear you go with the recipe
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Vegetable Makhani dum biryani - Vegetable Makhani Biryani - Biryani recipes - Onepot meals recipe - Rice recipes - Lunch, Dinner recipes - Party Recipes

My sons doesn't prefer typical South Indian full meals on daily basis even though they have lunch at home only weekend normally Sunday either I do Puli kulambu, Mor kulambu or one pot meals. They like mixed vegetable biryani or rices. I wanted to try Paneer Vegetable Makhani biryani. It is rich and creamy one pot meal. It tasted great. For sure you won't get disappointed. This is similar to Jaipuri vegetable pulav but the way it is cooked is different. My sons told me both are very different.. They like this one more. They finished their plate faster than usual. 
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Palak Mixed vegetable Recipe - Palak paneer style Mixed Vegetable Palak Recipe - Side dish recipes

I have posted Diwani Handi in my space. After I saw Palak Mixed vegetable in rakskitchen I have bookmarked. I loved the dish and love the fact that yogurt was used instead of cream. I have book marked it. It is a delicious alternative to palak paneer esp when you are on diet and want to avoid paneer. My son loves Paneer. So I added few pieces. This healthy one pot gravy goes well with poori or chapathi. If you have any left over,  mix it with steamed rice or make a nice sandwich!
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maravalli kilangu Adai - Tapioca Adai recipe - Breakfast or dinner recipes

I love Maravalli kilangu / Tapioca. Last trip to India I tasted this at my friends house.. It tasted like adai with very little variation. She was expecting me to find the difference as I am food blogger, I initially thought it is with millet. but later she told me she has used Maravalli kilangu. I am surprised. I noted down the recipe from her and wanted to try it out. We do get this kilangu / yam. Loved the texture and taste of it. 
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