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Sweet Rava Paniyaram recipe - Sweet Semolina Paniyaram - Pooja recipes - festival recipes - Snack recipes - Dessert recipes

I wanted to try out something new for this festival season. I had this when I was in India during my last trip. Coconut milk really gave a good flavour for this paniyaram. This perfect for vegan diet. Addition of Saffron gave natural color to the dish. Semolina as such is high in Iron addition of saffron makes it even more richer in Nutrition esp Iron. I have used sugar candy (Kalkandu) as sweetner. I haven't tried with jaggery or raw sugar. So if you try it pls. send me your pic and feedback. This is perfect for this upcoming festive season
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Cauliflower posto recipe - Cauliflower in poppy seed, mustard seeds gravy - fulkopi Posto recipe - Side dish for rice, roti, Chapathi, paratha recipes

When i visited my Bengali friend she served this side dish for roti. Initially I thought it was white gravy cauliflower curry. But later I tasted something different. When I asked her, she told me the unique taste is coming from poppy seeds and yellow mustard seeds. That's the first I heard about yellow mustard seeds. I left it and almost forgot too. Recently in an Indian grocery shop I saw yellow mustard seeds pocket.. These days I buy first before even deciding what can I do with it. Sometime end up buying stuff but never use it. So This time I made some resolution of making use of the stuff that I buy. Co-incidentally I saw Cauliflower Posto recipe at Hema's space. I called my friend for recipe. 
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Shortbread cookies with Icing cookies - Eggless cookies recipe - Kids friendly

Merry Christmas! Shortbread cookies is one of my kids most favourite cookie recipe. So far I haven't tried icing before. I always had this misconception that icing requires more sugar and would be very sweet. So I had been avoiding it even after multiple requests from my kids. After I saw one of the videos I realised that the amount of sugar can be controlled. It is also very colourful and attractive. I have followed basic shortbread cookie recipe.
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Peanut butter Cheese cake - Peanut butter Jelly Cheese cake - Eggless Peanut butter cheese cake - Eggless baking recipes

After I baked basic eggless cheese cake, I have tried every other variation. My kids love peanut butter (so far most of the kids do). Whenever I visit my sis I hear that a lot of kids in US have nut allergy. So I wanted to try Peanut butter cheese cake with Jelly on the top. I have more or less followed the recipe from my eggless cheese cake just adjusted for peanut butter addition
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GingerBread Men Cookies - Eggless Ginger Bread Man cookies - Cookies recipe

I wanted to try this Gingerbread man cookie for quite sometime. But these kind of spiced cookies are not my family's favourite. Also the Ingredients list scares me. I bought a few Christmas cookie cutters last year and they were lying in the shelf. After hearing the benefits of molasses I decided to buy it for making a few dishes. I decided to try out the gingerbread men cookies but with whole wheat. It came out pretty good. Do try out and you can decorate it to your own imagination. Video for icing was taken twice that's why the stills and video was diff.
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Bread Bonda recipe - Kids snack recipe - Party snacks - Bread recipe

I wanted to do this bread bonda for a very long time. However my kids during school days had bread almost everyday till late last year so I didn't want to do bread dishes again for evening snack and during weekend wanted to stay away from bread. However things changed from late last year. Now a days they have bread only once or at most twice a week. So I can make bread base snack dishes. I made it with all vegetables but you can do it with potato and peas only. I didn't add peas as my 2nd one doesn't eat peas. 
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Field beans, eggplant rice recipe - field beans, brinjal rice - Katharikkai, Mochai rice - One pot meal - Rice recipes - Lunch recipes

I had 1/4 cup pasta sauce (Indian style) left over in the fridge. I was in a rush and needed to make some dish for lunch. Thought of using the pasta sauce for rice. It came out pretty well. In the video you can see the sauce is more. I used it for Pasta as well as rice. This masala can be used as a sandwich stuffing or stuffing for rolls. My kids who are not big fan of eggplant liked this one due to the flavour from pasta sauce. Any do try out and let me know your feedback
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Eggless snickerdoodles Cookie Recipe - Cinnamon flavoured Cookie Recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Snack recipe

Myself and my husband like Cinnamon flavour. Kids do not. I had some left over German cookies so I wanted to try a small batch of eggless Snickerdoodles cookies. When I baked it the whole house was full of cinnamon flavour (I had a good aromatherapy). I referred to this page for the recipe and made small modifications according to my taste.. I had Cinnamon Sugar at home if you don't have, you mix in 1 teaspoon Cinnamon powder to 2 tablespoon sugar as you need. If you are a Cinnamon person you should try this for sure
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veg murtabak recipe - Vegetarian Murtabak Recipe - Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast Recipe

When I came to Singapore ,in first couple of weeks, I had this Murtabak (vegetarian). It was very filling and it was made with Mushroom. Those days mushroom was not my favourite vegetable. So I felt it was an overdose of mushroom. After that I haven't tried it again. Sometime last week I tried another version with Soya chunks and I liked it. Last week I had left over Parotta dough so I had decided to try it out. Everyone in the family loved it. If you want a combination of musrhoom and soya chunks you can do it also
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Pumpkin Puli kulambu recipe - Pumpkin puli kuzhambu recipe - Side dish for Rice

Puli kulambu is something I can have anytime. I got this white flesh pumpkin from India from my mum's backyard. I love the freshness of it. In Singapore mostly we get the orange one (my mum calls it a fruit). After making the mash pumpkin I had some left over. I had decided to try out puli kulambu with it. I am pretty sure it will taste good. Sweetness from Pumpkin, spiciness from chilli powder and puli kulambu podi really enhanced the flavour
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