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Veg Donne biryani recipe - Biryani recipes - Popular Bangalore biryani recipes - One pot meails - lunch recipe - Party recipes

I wanted to try this Donne biryani for the past year after tasting it at my friend's place. Normally I do rice with mixed vegetables on Sundays as I would have fresh vegetables from Sat weekly wet market visits (In Singapore you call local markets as wet market where you get vegetables and meat) This biryani doesn't require mixed vegetables and potato is good enough. So I kept postponing it. I was travelling this weekend so when I was back I had only potato at home. So I thought making this biryani. If you want you can leave onion as it is without grinding it. However I did grind it as my son is not a big fan of full onion
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Paruppu podi recipe - Andhra Paruppu Podi Recipe - Kandi Podi - Powder Recipe - Masala Recipe

Paruppu podi was one of my most favourite when I was in College. After marriage it kind of faded away. Still whenever I visit my mum she makes the podi for me. I normally use it for mixing with rice. I love the combo of Mor kulambu. I add paruppu podi with used oil ( sutta ennai) to hot steaming rice. And Mor kulambu as side gravy to go with. Wow! What a perfect combo! Since My mum used to give it every time, I never got a chance to click it. This time I told her not to make any podi (powder) and just give the recipe. So here you go with Paruppu podi recipe. I have used raw Garlic. You can toast it till moisture absorbed. If you are using raw garlic. Store it in Fridge and finish it within 10 days
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Eggless Lemon Pillow cake - baking recipes - breakfast, brunch, snack recipes - kids friendly recipes

Pillow cake is totally new to me. The name attracted me from the first time I saw it. I had bookmarked it from Radhika's space. I wanted to do this for quite sometime. It sounded very simple and perfect for a weekend brunch / after school snack. I have done it a few times I have tried all wheat flour version first.. My kids prefer this version where I use 50% Wheat and 50% all purpose flour.  You can add your favourite chocolate chips, banana, or strawberry. This can be good snack for kids too. I have followed recipe from here except for the quantity of sugar
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Mochai Sambar recipe - Field beans dal recipe - side dish for idli, dosa and Iddiyappam, Pulka

I had some Mochai left over after mochai sagu. I wanted to do some simple dal for Iddiyappam. I had some left over which I used the next day for dosa. It tasted good with both. This is quite simple to make. If you are making it for rice then increase the green chilies. I have used shallots but you can use red onions too. I didn't add Tamarind instead I had used lemon juice. You can try with tamarind too. Addition of coconut milk gave a nice flavour to the sambar so don't miss it. Perfect way to end mochai season.
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Tomato Poori Recipe - Tamatar Ki Puri Recipe - Thakkali Poori recipe – dinner, breakfast recipes - kids recipes

I had tried this tomato puri during one of my stays in India. The spiciness from Chilli and the tanginess from Tomato makes this poori very tasty and eye catchy. My kids used to eat only Maida / All purpose flour Poori  Till last year I ended up doing only maida Poori. But lately they are ok with flavoured pooris. I have posted masala poori, spinach poori Plan to add few more vegetable poori. So stay tuned.. However most of the time they love having poori with channa / Chickpea gravy
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Saffron Tea recipe - Tea with Saffron and Milk - Tea Recipes

I am a big fan of Tea. I tried different teas during my visit to Bali. It was on my to do list for trying different kind of tea. At home I am the only one who eats saffron based dishes.Have you felt the same way as me when I have to do something just for me to eat? yeah It always gets postponed and that day never come unless someone is doing it for you. After almost 2 years I finally pushed myself to do it for this weekend. This tea really has unique taste from saffron and all the tea masala. I loved it
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Paneer 65 Recipe - Snacks recipe - Paneer recipes - Kids special - Party food

My kids love Paneer. I am not a big fan of Paneer. So I do Paneer at home like once a month. However when we go out, we order one paneer dish together with Naan/ Roti. I always ask my kids about the difference between Paneer 65 and Chilli Paneer. They say Paneer 65 tastes very Indian Chilli paneer is more like Chinese.Last few times when I made Paneer Starter I ended up making Chilli Paneer. It is quite heavy. So Normally I do it with a light main course or during a long day in school for kids. However my diet program adviced me take more paneer as in fact according to that cheese is better than white flour or rice .. How true it is, is up to you.
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Poosanikai Dosa - White Pumpkin Dosa recipe - white pumpkin dosa - Kaddu dosa - ash gourd dosa dosa - Dosa recipes - Healthy breakfast, dinner recipes

I love to try different dosas. Normally we have tiffin varieties for dinner esp during school days. Kids has very long hours and have only dinner at home most of the time. So I try to incorporate Vegetables as part of some dish during dinner. White Pumpkin or Poosanikai is very healthy. Last time when I visited my cousin she served this dosa for breakfast. It tasted good so I took the recipe from her... This is a simple dosa and needs fermentation. If you don't have Cholam / Jowar you can use rice  itself
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Danish butter cookies recipe - Eggless Danish butter cookies recipe - Cookies Recipe - Eggless baking

My sons are big fans of Danish cookies. I had some butter in the fridge which I wanted to use and Danish butter cookies came to my mind. I was looking for “rosette” mold but I was not sure where I had placed it. Have you encountered such a case where when you search desperately you don't find but you find it when you don't need it most? In short I couldn't find the mold. I ended up using other mold. So the shapes of the cookies were not perfect but no compromise in the taste. So soft and buttery and sure to melt in your mouth. It is dangerously easy to make ...
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Beach Pattani Sundal gravy - Beach Pattani Vada - Beach Dry peas Gravy - Chaat recipes - Snack Recipes

I love any Chaat. I had tried this at my friend's place. This dish is new to me as before that I always made dry beach sundal with white peas. This gravy version was a combination of many dishes and tasted great. It is quite filling too. So you can serve this as a starter or have it as light meal by itself. With Dry peas, and dal vada this is really good for kids too. Even though chutney is optional, you should use that to get the full flavour of it. I have tried both with chutney and without chutney. Chutney one tastes better. I have tried with Red chutney too. Fennel seeds powder gives wonderful taste so don't skip that
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