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Pista barfi Recipe - Pista Burfi recipe - Diwali Sweet recipes - Indian Spiced Pistachio Fudge Recipe - Pista Mithai recipe

I wanted to try this nut based barfi / Mithai. I decided to kick start festive recipes with the simple fudge recipe. I am not a big fan of sweets. Every time I take one small piece and I need 2 murukkus. But when it comes to nuts I can take any kind of nuts. Actually my entire family is not a big fan of sweets. So most of the time when I do sweets (other than Kheers) I will distribute it out. However this one we finished in a few days. I have added Koya / Milk solids so it tasted really rich. Do try it out
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Brussels sprouts Fry - Garlic Brussels Recipe - Simple snack

I normally make snacks with vegetables esp for weekday dinners on school days. I seldom buy Brussels sprouts till now. Last time when visited the US I had Brussels sprouts fry. It was so tasty and it was with loads of garlic. It was a deep fried crispy snack. I decided to try out some rare vegetables like Asparagus, Brussels sprouts etc... One of the easiest way to try this simple fry is as a starter.  Some people call this a small cabbage. I love the olive oil and garlic flavour but you can use any oil of your preference
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Chettinad Vegetable biryani recipe - Veg Biryani Chettinad Style Recipe - One pot meal - Rice recipes

I love to try different one pot meals. Normally my kids have a full lunch at home only during weekend and they don't like to have sambar on both days. So normally Sunday is for one pot measl. Chettinad is famous for it's unique dishes in which fresh spices are normally used to make dishes. When you add freshly roasted spices it gives a nice aroma and taste to the dish.  Onion raita or cucumber raita goes well with this biryani. I have added Red chilies when making the masala powder. But you can use the red chili powder. Mint leaves give a nice flavour so don't miss it
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Wheat Rava idli recipe - Wheat semolina idli recipe - Wheat idli - Healthy breakfast recipe - Breakfast, Brunch recipe

I have posted another version using grinder . Also I wanted to try without Poha. I have tried this version a couple of times before. But first time it turned little sticky. 2nd time was not able to take final shot. Finally I can finish the entire post after almost 1 year. This is very healthy recipe and suitable for diabetic people also. If you are looking no rice recipe don't look further try this recipe. I made dosa with same batter next day it came out well. You don't need grinder to make this idli. You can make it using  mixie or blender. It is quite a simple recipe
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udupi famous food uppu huli dosa - Sweet, spicy and tangy dosa - Famous Karnataka dosa recipe

I had this dosa in one of restaurant and initially thought it is ada then when I checked with my Bangalorean friend she told me it is from Mangalore (udupi  cuisines) I love the combination of almost all flavours in this .. This can be served by itself without any side dish or with simple coconut chutney. .Do try it out
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Cheese Naan recipe - Naan Recipe - Indian Bread recipe - Dinner, Party, Kids Friendly recipe

Since my son likes butter and garlic naan, seldom I make other naans at home. Cheese naan is something I do once in a while for them and I just make few pieces. I always have the impression that cheese tastes better if I serve it hot. So I was hesitant to do it for blog. if I do it for blog i have to do it little earlier than normal dinner time of 7 as I need catch up natural light. Other day my son came back from his evening workout and was feeling hungry and he wanted to eat something solid. So I asked him whether he wants to eat Cheese naan couple of pieces and have dinner little later. He said yes. So finally I can take pics to post in the blog
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Vegetable yakhni Pulao recipe - Vegetable yakhni biryani recipe - One Pot meals - Rice recipes

I love to try different one pot meals / Biryani. My helper was talking about this biryani for quite sometime. But I was not sure and recently I saw this post in some blogs. Yakhni means Soup / stock. Cooking Rice and vegetables in spiced yakhni really gives nice tasty biryani. It is quite simple even bachelors can try it out. Perfect for lazy weekends or party rice. Since it is less masala you can easily pair with any side dish or raita. My helper told me normally this is done with chicken. I don't cook Non veg at home. So I decided to do it with Vegetables. I didn't add vegetables while cooking soup. As I wanted Vegetable to be more crispy not over cooked. But if you want you can add at the time you make soup and take it and use it for rice.
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Rava Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe - Masala Rava Paniyaram - Sooji Vegetable Appe - Easy Snacks Recipes

I was craving for paniyaram but didn't have idli batter in the fridge. I was checking with my helper and she suggested to do Rava appam. I had an impression Rava appam is always sweeter version. She told about this spicy/ Masala Kara paniyaram. This requires no grinding or fermenting. So you can do it when you have unplanned visitors or you are craving some snacks with your tea. You can add any kind of vegetables. Everyone liked this. For sure it is a keep recipe
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Black Chickpea Chocolate brownie recipe - Eggless Chickpea chocolate brownie recipe - Brownie recipe - Cake recipes - Baking recipes

I wanted to try this gluten free chickpea chocolate cake for quite sometime. Last time when I tried I couldn't take the pictures. Also the cake was more gooey. This cake is so rich in protein and perfect for a breakfast meal too. I have seen chickpea cakes in many blogs. I have followed it from here. I have used brown sugar. Who say baking cannot be healthy.. Ask them to try this kind of recipe. You can use white chickpeas too. Once I was so lazy I used bengal gram flour / besan flour but I didn't like it. 
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Creamy Corn, Potato Masala Recipe - Side dish recipe - Vegetarian Gravy recipe

Recently we are in this sweet corn mania. Most of the time either I make Corn sundal or corn dosa.  The other day I wanted to make chapathi but I didn't have any vegetable in the fridge. So I decided to try Corn and Potato combo. For this dish I have used coconut oil. It gave a rich and unique flavour to the dish. With whole spices used for seasoning the taste was pretty good. I had some plain rice and it went well with that too. You can make same masala to make Corn rice.
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