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Cheese Sticks recipe - Kids Snack recipes - Party recipes - Mozzarella Sticks – Homemade Cheese Sticks

I wanted to try cheese sticks for quite some time. It is a very simple snack / finger food. Not sure why take so long to try. Glad I managed to do it as my kids loved it. I have done it a few times after that. It is so simple that you can do it for your kids. It is better to have this hot. Do freeze cheese stick before frying. First time when I did it, it disappeared so fast that I could not take final pics so this time I mad sure my kids were at the playground while I was frying & I had time to get final pics. 


For Batter:

All purpose flour - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Italian seasoning - 1 teaspoon

For Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks - 4 (cut each into 2)
Bread crumbs - 1/2 cup
Oil for deep frying


Take all the ingredients under for batter section. Add water to make thick batter
Roll each cheese stick in batter so that all the sides are covered.
Coat battered covered cheese sticks with bread crumbs. Freeze it
Heat oil for deep frying. Carefully place cheese sticks. cook till all sides are brown take it out and place it on kitchen tissue
Serve hot
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  1. perfect starter..looks crispy n yumm:)

  2. hmm... my kid definitely likes it and so do I... looks so delicious... got me tempting


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