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Mango Chia Seeds Pudding - Healthy breakfast recipe - Healthy Dessert recipe

Mango season is here. I have started to see Indian Mangoes in the market.. Seeing Indian Mango brings a big smile to my face. Since it is the start of the season I just brought a couple to taste it. I wanted some Chia pudding for breakfast & wanted to try out with Mango. This doesn't require any cooking. You can prepare previous night and refrigerate it. It is ready for morning breakfast. Perfect for busy weekdays

Milk - 1 cup ( I have used low fat high calcium milk)
Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon
Chia seeds - 3 tablespoon
Chopped mangoes - 3/4 cups (few pieces for garnishing)


Mix all the ingredients in the container and refrigerate it overnight. Enjoy guilt free pudding for breakfast next day
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  1. Slurp! Anything with mangoes in it is always amazing...

  2. Superb and perfect share for this mango season....


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