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I have heard about Moongil rice (Bamboo rice) from my grandma. It has been a while since I tasted it. I remember it very vaguely from my early childhood days. The other day when I walked through the aisle of a supermarket I saw bamboo rice. I was pleasantly surprised and picked up without second thoughts. I was pretty sure I could try something quick as we were in season of festivals. First recipe I tried with Bamboo rice is Kheer / Paysam. 
Bamboo Rice / Moongil rice - 1/4 Cup
Milk - 4 cups ( I have used 2 cup slim and 2 cups low fat)
Ghee - 2 teaspoon
Jaggery - 1/2 cup (increase if you want it to be sweeter. If your Jaggery has 
Nuts and raisin - 2 tablespoons (I have used Cashew and Raisin)

Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup 
Cardamom powder - 1/4 teaspoon


Wash rice and soak it for 4 hrs. Drain the water in a vessel. Run the mixer 2 sec to make it to rice rawa. Keep it aside

Cook it in soaked water with pinch of salt. Keep it aside. I have pressure cook it till 7 whistles
Heat a teaspoon of ghee. Add nuts and raisin till it is light brown in color and keep it aside. Add coconut and fry till slight brown color. Keep it aside
Heat the milk in a pressure pan or heavy bottom vessel. Add milk and let the milk boil.  Add cooked Rice. Mix well. Boil for a min. Add Fried coconut and Let it boil
Add jaggery and cook till desired consistency. Add the fried nuts, Cardamom Powder boil for  30 sec. Switch it off and serve hot / chilled. 

I like it both the way