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During my college days I was so addicted fresh milk sweets.. After sometime the craze faded.. Once in a while I take fresh milk sweets when I visit my favourite mittai shops in India.. If the milk sweets are fresh the taste is really divine. I wanted to try this for a while .. Somehow keep missing milk powder in my shopping list.. Finally I managed to get milk powder. So here I am with the recipe. This is very simple sweet with just 5 ingredients. You can replace Saffron with Cardamom powder. Also if condensed milk sweet is not enough you can add sugar to taste

Condense milk - 1/2 can (395g)
Milk powder - 3/4 cups
Ghee/ Butter - 1 tablespoon
Saffron - pinch (optional)
Warm milk - 2 tablespoon


Soak Saffron in warm milk (I didn't use). Heat Ghee in a pan and add condensed milk let it boil now reduce flame. add milk powder.
Mix well without lumps otherwise peda won't be smooth. When the mixture is thick add Saffron milk. 
Mix well. continue to stir till the mixture doesn't stick to the pan. When you take small dough and roll it it should roll nicely without sticking... Switch it off
Let it cool down till you can handle it. Apply a ghee to your hand and knead it to smooth dough
Take small bass and roll it into Peda shape. and Garnish it with chopped nuts
Enjoy. This can stay for 4 days in the fridge