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Chocolate Cheesecake recipe - Chocolate Cheese cake with chocolate ganache - Eggless Baking recipes - Baking recipes

I have made plain cheesecake using my cheesecake recipe many times. It is also my most Pinned recipe in pinterest. For my son's birthday Cheesecake is a must (even when we go out and when they try cheesecake they complement mine! Now a days they don't order cheesecake when we go to restaurant . I amso happy when I hear these complements from them) This time when I was planning to make cheese cake I have decided to do full chocolate cheesecake. Also wanted to do ganache to give a surprise to my son. It came out so nice

For Crust

Marie biscuit - 1.75 cups (I have used digestive crumbs)
Melted butter - 1/4 cup

For Filling

Cream cheese - 500g
Sour Cream - 250g
Sugar - 1 cup
Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon
Sea Salt - a pinch
Corn Starch or Potato Starch - 2 tablespoon
Lemon Juice - 1/2 teaspoon
Choco powder - 2 tablespoon
Semi sweet chocolate bar - 114g
Milk chocolate bar - 100g

For Gnache

Heavy cream - 1 cup
Semi sweet choco chips - 1/2 cup

For Crust

Take the marie biscuits and make a crumbs. 
Melt the butter Mix in melted butter and crumbs and Pour mixture into a baking pan. I have used spring-form pan. 
Press the mixture down to make a smooth base. Pre heat the oven at 180 degree cand bake the crust for 8 mins. Let it cool down completely
For Cheese Cake
Make sure all ingredients under for filling is in room temperature. Melt baking chocolate bar and milk choco bar. 

Add all the ingredients in the broad vessel (except melted chocolate. Using hand held beater or batter mixer whip it to the smooth batter, 
Add melted chocolate. Mix well. Pour it over baked & cooled crust
Bake it for 50 to 60 mins or till top is browned. Remove it and let it cool down completely
For Ganache
Bring heavy cream to a simmer on the stove top, stirring occasionally. Just as soon as you see a simmer, remove from heat add chocolate chips and whisk it now Ganache is ready. Let it cool down
Once the cake cool down pour cooled Ganache over it. Refrigerate overnight and serve
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  1. Chocolate cheesecake looks so rich and delicious..

  2. I was reading through the ingredients and wondering about the corn starch, then realised this was a baked cheesecake... looks so sinful!

  3. wow!! what a lovely & creamy cheese cake!

  4. One of the problems many cooks face is that their cheesecakes come out overcooked. Mango cheese cake


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