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Sambal Potato Recipe - Baby potato recipe - Potato Recipes - Snack recipes

These days I order vegetables thro' online too. Sometimes by mistake I click twice or something so it become 2 sets. Our family is not a big fan of potato once in a while I buy baby potato for making this roasted cheesy potato. I do this more as after school snack. This time when I ordered I ordered twice (it seems) . So I ended up with so much I need to figure out what to do. My helper was suggesting sambal potato. Sambal is basically Chilli, Garlic, Ginger and onion paste. I thought it would go well. So decided to give it a try


For Sambal

Red chillies - 10g
Garlic - 4 pods
Ginger - 1 inch
Onion - 1 (sliced thinly)
Tomatoes - 2 chopped finely)
Milk - 1/2 cup (I hv used Soya. But you can add cow milk too)
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Oil - 3 tablespoon
Lemon grass - 1 (optional)

For Sambal potato

Baby potato - 1/2 kg
Oil - 1 teaspoon
Spring onion - 1 stalk 
Roasted Sesame seeds - 1 teaspoon


Let's Prepare sambal first (You won't need the whole paste you can store this in fridge for 1 month). 
Soak broken Red chillies in hot water for 30 mins. Some of the seeds would come out. It is ok you should throw away. Take Soaked chilli, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic and Ginger and grind to smooth paste. 
Heat oil in the pan. Add grinded paste, Lemon grass and let it cook till oil separate from it. 
Add milk and sugar. And continue to cook for another 2 mins.
Cool it and store it in air tight container
Boil potatoes with salt. When you can insert fork switch it off. Peel the skin. 
Using fork make holes around it. Cut the spring onion bottom white portion. Slice it thinly and chop the green portion separately. 
Heat 1 teaspoon of oil. Add white portion of spring onion and fry till transparent. Add boiled potato and 1 teaspoon of sambal. Mix well. Close the lid for 2 mins. stir in between.

Add spring onion and mix well

Switch it off decorate it with sesame seeds. and serve hot

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  1. lip-smacking potato!! awesome clicks!!

  2. These look amazing! I love potatoes, and I bet all those spices really add TONS of flavor! Can't wait to give this a try :)

  3. super spicy potatoes... that is such a super starter...

  4. They look so spicy and delicious, bookmarked dear..


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