Palkova (With Fresh Milk) Recipe - Simple sweet recipe - Diwali recipes

During my childhood days, Palkova is one of the most frequent sweet at our house hold. Esp at my grand ma house. They used to make it in brass containers. They used to have dozens of cows and buffalos. Buffalo milk is used to make curd and Cow milk is used for drinking as well as making some sweets like Palkova. I have already posted Microwave palkova. I wanted to make this fresh milk base version for quite sometime. Finally I got to do it. The ingredients are very little for this however it takes a while to do it. So do it when you have little time to kill.

Milk - 2 litters
Sugar - 1/2 cup


Boil the milk in a heavy bottom vessel. Stir regularly to avoid burning the bottom
At some point milk will start thickening and color will change . 
When the moisture almost absorbed it is ready to add sugar (see pic)
Add sugar and continue to stir till it becomes thick and no liquid content at all. Let it cool down
Store it in Air tight container. Refrigerate it.