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I love any variation of tea. I love Ginger Tea with Milk , Lemon grass tea or Ginger tea without milk. So sometime ago I saw Dum Ki Chai at Lubna space. I was hooked to it. I wanted to try this for very long time. When I visited India few months back, I got the chance to try in Hyderabad. So I kind of liked it but at the same time felt it was a little rich. This evening I was in a mood to try something rich and I remembered this tea. I had Koya in the fridge. So I decided to try it out. I followed this recipe from Lubna's space

Water - 2 cup
Tea powder - 3 teaspoon
Koya - 1 tablespoon
Ginger - 1 tablespoon
Cardamom - 2 pods
Milk - 1/2 cup (I have used full cream)
Sugar - 1 teaspoon (or more)
Mint leaves - Few (Original didn't have it. I have added it)

Take water, Cardamom, Ginger and boil it  low flame till water is reduced into 1/2. 
Add Tea powder and boil till it reduces to another half. Remember to close the lid.
Add sugar. Let it boil for a min. 

Strain to get the thick decotion. In another pan boil the milk. when it start to boil Reduce the Flame and boil at low flame till it is 2/3rd reduced. 
Add koya and mix well. Add boiled milk.

 Let it boil in low flame for a min. Make sure Koya gets mixed well. 

Serve hot. Enjoy this rich and tasty tea