Roasted Vegetable Cup - Party snack recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Roasted vegetable puff cup - Snacks recipe

I wanted to do something quick for my kids' evening snack. I had some vegetable left in the fridge so I wanted to use the vegetable. However vegetables like Eggplant are not my kids' favourite vegetables. So as usual I wanted to add something they like. Puff sheet base snack they like it. This recipe is very fast and perfect for parties too. It can be packed for kids snacks too. 
Pastry sheet - 2 (I cut that into 4)
Mixed vegetables - 2 cups (brinjal (Eggplant), Bell peppers, Onion , Tomatoes, Mushrooms)
Salt to taste
Italian mixed herbs - 1 teaspoon
Olive Oil - 2 tablespoon


Add salt and Italian mixed herbs to vegetables. Mix well. Roast it in microwave or tawa or bread toaster. Keep it aside
Grease baking dish and De frost pastry sheets
Arrange pastry sheets like in pic
Bake it according to the instruction on the pack or till golden brown
Add roasted vegetable in baked cup.