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Quinoa, Kale, Avocado, Strawberry and Cherry tomatoes with Roasted Sesame seeds salad - Healthy salad recipes - Starter Recipe

Whenever I travel in the morning I will take salad with fresh vegetable and fruits (this is to get my veg and fruit count for the day.) as I feel more comfortable to take uncooked food from the place I stay VS somewhere outside. In China I tasted this Roasted Sesame seeds sauce sometime ago. I really loved the roasted flavour in it. I am pretty sure it has some Soya sauce, sugar and vinegar as part of ingredients. I tried couple of time but the taste is not the same. This time when I was in China I asked the Chef for the recipe. Guess what I was missing mayonnaise in my ingredients. Finally I managed to get the taste! Yum!. 

For Roasted Sesame seeds sauce

White sesame seeds - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 teaspoon
Soya sauce - 1.5 tablespoon
Vinegar - 1/2 to 1 teaspoon
Sesame seeds oil - 1 tablespoon
Mayonnaise - 2 teaspoon
Water as required

For salad

Kale - 1 cup
Cooked Quinoa - 1/2 cup
Strawberry - few
Cherry tomatoes - 7
Avocado - 1 (small)


Roast the white sesame till nice aroma released.  Let it cool down and powder it coarsely (I have used hand kitchen pestle)
Add rest of the ingredients and mix it well. Sauce is ready
Wash and slice all the salad vegetables according to your preference. Arrange the vegetable in the plate. Drizzle sauce and mix well
Serve it
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  1. love avocado..its yummly healthy

  2. Love this wholesome salad,I need to try roasted sesame seed sauce.

  3. healthy and colorful salad!

  4. Sounds really interesting with so many power packed ingredients... love the sauce...

  5. love quinoa salad with tomatoes and avocados...never tried adding in kale...sounds good and the sauce sounds amazing


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