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My kids love anything with Italian flavour. Even though this rice crossed my mind I was not very sure about it. So I kept postponing it. Finally I got to try it last week. Kids loved it. I have added capsicum, Mushroom in Pizza sauce. Also I have added both spring onion and coriander. You can replace coriander with parsley. I have used cheese to do final bake but you can add it when you boil sauce. Enjoy this kiddy treat!

For Pizza Sauce 

Tomato - 3
Spring onion - 1 medium size bunch
Garlic - 12 pods (peel and chopped finely)
Mushroom - 100 g
Capsicum / Bell peppers - 1 cup (chopped finely. I have used all 3 colors)
Salt to taste
Tomato sauce - 1 tablespoon
Mixed Italian herb - 2 teaspoon
Chilli flakes - 1/2 teaspoon (adjust to spice level)
Green chillies - 2 (chopped finely)
Olive oil - 1/4 cup
Red chilli powder - 1/4 teaspoon (optional)

For Rice

Long grain rice - 1.5 cup (I have used bastmati)
Water - 1.5
Cheese - 1/2 cup
Tomato slices - few
Coriander leaves - 1 tablespoon 


Let's prepare sauce first. Clean and chop all ingredients. Keep the bottom white part of the spring onion separately.  Keep it aside. Boil water and add tomatoes. When the skin start to break switch it off and peel the skin off. Mash it well. Keep it aside
Heat oil in a pan. Add Bottom part of spring onion and garlic. Fry till garlic is golden brown color. Add green chillies, Mixed bell peppers. Fry for 1 min. 
Add chopped mushroom and mix well. Add tomato paste.Add Salt, Red chilli flakes, Mixed Italian herb mix well. 
Add tomato paste, sauce mix well. Add red chilli powder. Boil till oil float on the top
Add spring onion and coriander leaves. mix well. Let it boil for another min. Switch it off. Keep it aside
Wash and Soak rice for 10 mins.  drain it. 
Heat pan and add sauce. Let it boil. Add washed rice. And mix well. Fry it high flame. 

Add 1.5 cups of water and check for salt. Add more salt if required. Close the lid and cook the rice till 3/4 done. 
Transfer the rice in greased baking tray. Sprinkle cheese on the top and add slices of tomatoes. Pre heat microwave at 180 degree. Bake the rice for 10-12 mins or top start to brown. Sprinkle coriander leaves 

Serve hot