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I saw this in Jey space last year and wanted to try last year itself but somehow missed it. Recently I have a new helper and she said she normally does this green bean dessert which is a famous local dessert. Then I remembered this recipe. I decided to do it as Popsicle. In a recent smoothie recipe for Kungumam Thozhi I have posted sprouted overnight soaked rice porridge so I am pretty sure this  would  taste good too. I have used sprouts since I had sprouts at home if you don't have it use normal moong beans.. Soak it for 2 hrs and cook it to use. This can be done as Popsicle too

Moong dhal sprouts / Moong dhal - 1/4 cup
Coconut milk - 1/2 cup
Raw sugar - 3 tablespoon (or as you prefer)
Water - As you need
Nuts - Pistachio or almonds (I have used Pistachio)
Salt a pinch


Cook the sprouts / 2 hours soaked moong dhal with pinch of salt. Let it cool down.
Grind it with raw sugar and coconut milk

Add water to get nice running consistency. Add chopped nuts and mix well

Pour this into your prefer mould and freeze it for 2 to 4 hrs or overnight. If you are using popsicle mould or kulfi mould run it in tap water to unmould it.

Enjoy this healthier dessert and beat the summer!