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Kulfi Recipe - Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi) recipe - Summer Treat - Dessert recipes

I am not a big sweet person but I like kulfi. My kids prefer normal ice cream so Even if I go out with my family I don't get to order as I want only a small portion of it. However when I go out with my friends or colleague I order it. My co-sister makes very good kulfi. Since I like it she always makes it whenever I visit her. I bought kulfi mould last summer. Wow! it takes one year to do it at home..(if the food is just for you or knowing your family won't eat it kind of put you off from doing it) I made small qty just to try and post here Smiley


Full cream milk - 2 cups
Bread - 1 (I have used white bread)
Sugar to taste - (I have used 1 tablespoon)
Cardamom powder - 2 pinchs
Pistachios - 1 tablespoon (roughly chopped)


Remove the sides of bread and make a fine powder out of white part of the bread.

Boil the milk till reduces into 1/2. Add sugar and mix well.

Add bread and mix well and continue to Stir till milk is thick. Add cardamom powder and pistachio. Mix well. 

Pour it into Kulfi mould. When it is completely cool down freeze it for 6 hours or overnight. When you are ready to eat it run the mold in tab water and remove the kulfi carefully. Slice it or serve it as it is


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  1. Kulfi looks delicious. You are right veena if our dears don't like, then making the recipe will take time.

  2. A delicious recipe perfect for a hot summery day!!

  3. Perfect summer treat. Mouthwatering dessert

  4. Oh delicious kulfi! Wish I could have that plate now...

  5. Kulfi looks so yummy, perfect for the weather.

  6. Should have condensed milk & topped with basil seeds, served over fruit.


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