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Thinai mysore pak recipe - foxtail millet Mysore pak recipe - Millet Mysore pak recipe - Sweet recipes - Millet Recipes

I have tasted it in one of the shop near my mum's house. After that I have tried few times it didn't come out well. Finally I got the proposition right. Also I made my own millet flour this time. Mysore Pak came out crispy and tasty. Making Foxtail millet flour at home is very easy. I dry roasted the foxtail millet and grind to powder. Sieve to get smooth powder. Store it in air tight container. Use it within 2 weeks. Enjoy this Millet base Sweet


Roasted gram dhal flour - 1 cup
Foxtail millet flour - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2.5 to 3 cup (I have used 2.5)
Ghee - 3 cup


Apply ghee in a baking tray (this gives nice color to Mysore Pak) and keep it aside. Mix together gram dhal flour and foxtail millet powder. Keep it aside. Heat the butter and take one cup ghee and add flour to it. Mix it without any lump and keep it aside.(reduce the flame and keep the rest of ghee in very low flame) the  Add 1 cup of water to sugar and heat it in medium flame in a heavy bottom pan

Heat till you get 1 string consistency. Wet your hand before checking string consistency.
Sugar syrup will be hot. Alternatively you can add a drop in cold water and you should be able to make a ball. Now reduce the flame. Add flour mixture and mix it well. 
Add 2-3 tablespoon of ghee at a time. Add ghee slowly and add continuously. 

Keep stirring until the ghee mixes and then add the next batch of ghee and repeat until you finish the ghee.  or Ghee is not absorbed any more
At one stage you will start to see forthy mixture like in the pic. Now transfer this to buttered tray and level it with spoon. Let it cool down. And when it is cool down when it is warm cut it into desired shape.
Cool down completely and slowly separate each piece. Yummy mysore pak ready!
Store it in air tight container. And enjoy!
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  1. Thinai mysore pak looks delicious, Mysore pak is my favorite.

  2. looks delicious.. using thinai flour is really very healthy and innovative..

  3. Hi... Mysore pak looks yummy. How will be the consistency of mixture before pouring into the greesed tray?

    1. It is forthy like what u see in the pic.. Also Ghee will not get absorbed

  4. Looks so lovely and delicious Veena, awesome....

  5. Thinai Mysore Pak has come out perfectly and they look so delicious..

  6. simply awesome i am just trying this recipe but i guess i need to focus more to make perfect maysore pak

  7. Very nice recipe... could'nt help notice those little sacks, very cute!! Could you share where you bought them?

    1. My friends from China gifted to me they told me they got it from one of their local website

    2. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i also tried and got succeeded and now we are producing commercially and we used jaggery n complete organic ingridients..


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