Pumpkin breakfast cake - Pumpkin Cake with wheat flour - Snack recipe - Breakfast, Brunch recipe

I wanted to make some breakfast cake. I had fresh pumpkin at home. I wanted to try muffin or cupcake with that. This can be done as cupcake / muffin too.  It is perfect for snack or breakfast. I really loved the slight sweetness from Pumpkin. It almost tasted like carrot cake / muffin. This might be one of way to feed vegetable to your fussy eater?
Whole wheat flour / atta - 1 cup (I have used Atta)
Corn Flour - 1/4 cup
Milk Powder - 1 tablespoon
Baking soda - 1 teaspoon
Baking powder  - 1 teaspoon
Milk  - 1 1/2 cup (I hv used low fat milk)
Butter - 1/2 cup
Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup (I have used 1/2 cup brown sugar powder)
Pumpkin - 3/4 cup finely chopped
Salt - a pinch


Boil Milk and pumpkin and keep it aside till it reaches luke warm

Sift together wheat flour, corn flour, milk powder, baking soda, baking powder
Cream Butter, brown sugar.

Add milk, pumpkin and sifted dry ingredients. Fold it gently

Grease muffin cup or baking tin. Pour the batter

Pre heat the oven at 180 degree. Bake the batter for 25-30 mins ( or till when inserted tooth pick comes out clean)

Let it cool down and serve