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Nannari Syrup recipe - sarasaparilla syrup recipe - Maredu syrup recipe - Summer cooler Recipe

I love the flavour of Nannari sarbath. I always used store brought syrup. I always thought making syrup at home is not easy task .. However after blogging I started to see some post for this syrup.. It is not that difficult or time consuming. So for this summer I decided to try at home. It came out very well. also very flavourful! I followed recipe from here. I have reduced the qty by 1/2 ..

Nannari Root - 50 gms(1/2 cup)
Sugar - 250 gms (1 cup)
Water - 2 and 1/2 cups
Lemon Juice - 2 tsp


Wash the roots one by one to make sure it is clean and no mud/ clay. Dry out completely till there is no moisture. Using hand pestle crush the roots to remove the centre white parts.
Transfer the brown other parts and powder it in mixie or food processor or blender. keep it aside
Boil the water and add Nannari root powder. Close it tightly and leave it aside overnight
Strain the water. And sugar to the water. 
Boil the mixture till single consistency reached.
Switch off the flame. cool down and add lemon juice. mix well.

Store it in air tight container and use it whenever you need it

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  1. Love nannari sarbath, where do you get the roots, would love to make this sometime..

  2. Love nannari Sharbath! But never knew making homemade nannari syrup is so easy.. But am not sure where to get those roots here in UK. Will try it next time when I visit India.

  3. I just got a bottle from home this time... Love it's flavor...

  4. love the flavor of nannari. I often make it during summer..


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