Filter Coffee Recipe - South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe - South Indian Filter Coffee with Milk

In South India, filter coffee is very famous. I am more of a Tea person. My Mum generation most of them says Coffee right after getting up is a must. Without that they cannot think or do anything.. My husband prefers instant Nescafe so at home we make instant coffee. So I didn't get a chance to do this post. However Last India trip this recipe is one the must recipe to capture. I was in India during Dec last year for about 2 weeks. Everyday I tell my mum I need take pics so please wait for me but she make this decoction first thing in the morning.She said may be in the evening I can wait for you morning is difficult (I normally get up around 6:30 or 6:45). So I made these pics from her Evening preparation.. 
For decotion
Coffee Powder - 3 tablespoon
Water - 3/4 cup

For Coffee:Fresh Milk for 2 cups of coffee (My mum users low fat. You can use milk of your choice)Sugar as required 


Place 3 tablespoon of Coffee Powder in filter (Container with holes) My mum press it well. Boil the water. 
Pour hot water to the filter. Close it. Leave it aside for 10 mins. you can open the bottom chamber carefully you can see decotion dripping.  
After 30 mins your fresh decotion will be ready. Boil the milk. 
Meanwhile add sugar, decotion in the cup. (the amount is up to you. you can start with 1 teaspoon and adjust based on your taste). Reduce the flame and boil for another 1 min
Filter the boiled milk into the cup.  Pour milk from cup to tawara to get nice foamy hot coffee. you’ll often see people mixing the decoction and the milk from almost a meter away!
Enjoy hot Coffee. Having coffee with news paper is a ritual