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Sweet potato Pasta - Creamy Vegan sweet potato pasta - Easy Dinner meal - Kids Friendly recipe

My kids are so found of Pasta. I almost make it every other day. I would like to incorporate some vegetables (esp those that they are not so fancy about) as base Sauce for Pasta. Sweet potato I love this mildly sweet vegetable however my kids are not a big fan of it esp if I make boiled one. However they are ok with Sweet Potato Oven baked Fry. I wanted to try something else with it. Including this as part of their favourite dish may not be bad idea. Actually My son kept asking about what I have added to the sauce it is very diff and tasty. I told him at the end of the meal. He was so surprised!

For Pasta Sauce:
Sweet Potato - 1 medium (Peel and choppped finely)
Shallots - 5
Garlic - 5
Tomatoes - 3
Olive oil - 2 tablespoon
Cashew and Almond mixed - 1 cup (Soaked for at least 4 hrs or overnight)
Salt to taste
Water as required
Pepper to taste
Red chillies - 3
Rosemary - 1 teaspoon (I have used dry if you have fresh go ahead with fresh)
Coriander Leaves - 1/4 cup

For Pasta:

Macaroni / Pasta - 300 to 400 g (of your choice)
Toasted Almond - 2 tablespoon
Coriander leaves - 2 tablespoon (Finely chopped)


Let's prepare Pasta sauce now, Wash and soak Cashew and Almonds for at least 4 hours or Overnight. Remove the skin of Almond. Grind it to smooth paste. Keep it aside
Heat a tablespoon of olive oil (or sunflower oil) and add shallot and garlic fry till transparent add tomatoes and red chillies. Fry till mushy. 
Add chopped Sweet potatoes and let it cook. Add coriander leaves, required salt. Switch it off and let it cool down. 
Once cool down grind it to smooth paste. Add Pepper Powder and mix well.  Add rest of the oil add grinded sweet potato paste. Let it boil. Add Nuts paste and required water. 
Let it boil add rosemary and required pepper, red chilli flakes, pepper (if it is not enough) and salt. cook for another 2 mins. Add chopped 2 tablespoon of coriander leaves.
Cook Pasta per instruction and keep it aside.
Add cooked Pasta to sauce, toasted almonds if using. Mix well. Cook for another 3-5 mins. Add coriander leaves and mix well.
Serve hot
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