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Mochai Fry - Field beans Fry - Avarekai Fry - Kids friendly Snack - Snack recipes

I love Mochai. Even though I am not a big fan of pongal, I look forward to the sambar made as side dish to pongal which is with eggplant and field beans (mochai). Even though you get dry mochai through out the year I love the fresh which normally available during Pongal season. My mum makes this fry during the season. It is very crispy and addictive snack. The major work in making this is removing the skin from Mochai. Otherwise it fairly simple.
Hindi:Val, Marathi: Valpapdi, Bengali: Sim, Gujarati: Valpapdi, Kashmiri: Moang, Oriya: Baragudi, Tamil: Mochai, Malayalam: Avara, Telugu: Chikkudu, Kannada: Avare

Field beans - 2 cups (after removing outerskin)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Chilli powder  to taste


Remove and soak the Field beans overnight. After that remove the outerskin. When you press the soaked bean it would come off you hv to do it one by one though
Wash and drain it completely leave it for at least an hour. Heat pan with oil for deep fry. Use pluse frying spoon for frying the mochai
Fry till they are fully done. And place on kitchen tissue to drain extra oil.
Sprinkle required salt and chilli powder. Mix well. 
Store it in air tight container and enjoy!

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  1. Crispy and yummy snack! Looks so good!

  2. I feel like picking the cup with the spoon and munching on them...

  3. Healthy and yummy snack!! Addictive too..

  4. wow !! i love this fry a lot..You are tempting me to make it.

  5. Wow crispt snacks are always winner.. I can finish this in no time

  6. Healthy and delicious snack..

  7. Is field beans same as Val ? Bean with white line on one edge ? Can we use frozen ones ?

    1. yes ...Fresh ones works better..I never did with frozen one


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