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Sathu Maavu Kanji Recipe - Homemade Multigrain Porridge Drink Recipe - Multi Grain Porridge recipe - Healthy Breakfast

Recently I take sathu maavu kanji every alternate day for my breakfast. This is very filling and it keeps me away from my mid morning snack. This is a favourite for both of my kids during their toddler stage..For some reason after my kids grown up i stopped making at home till last year. I dry roast all the ingredients and send to mills to make the powder

Wheat - 500g
Urad dhal - 100g
Whole green gram - 150 g
Almond - 50 g
Cashew nuts - 25g
fenugreek Seeds - 1 tablespoon
Barley - 50 g
Raw rice - 50 g
Bajra / Pearl Millet - 100 g
Ragi / Finger Millet - 250 g
Corn - 50g
Jowar - 50g
Peanut - 25g
Chickpeas / White channa - 25g
Roasted Gram dhal - 50g
Dry ginger - 10g
Oats - 50 g

To Make porridge

Sathu Maavu - 2 tablespoon
Water - 2 cups (I prefer watery type if you want thick reduce the water to 1.5)
Salt to taste


Dry roast All the ingredients one by one and let it cool down. Grind it in the mills. Store it in air tight container
Take 2 teaspoon Powder, Salt and mix with water without any lumps.
Heat it and cook it in medium flame. Continue to stir. The mixture will become dark brown and lighter color. Now ready to switch it off.
Enjoy this simple yet very healthy Porridge

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  1. My mother in law makes similiar kind of Kanji for everyday breakfast...very healthy and energetic drink...

  2. Healthy and delicious, I usually have sathu maavu kanji with sugar, I've never had it with salt, should try..

  3. Lovely share dear! a very healthy, tasty and filling recipe

  4. Homemade kanji Powder is Awesome.. Filling and healthy breakfast

  5. I like that bommai, love this sathu maavu kanji

  6. That has so much of goodness in it... very nice...


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