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My husband is big fan of Kesari. Now a days millet base recipe is everywhere. I have tasted kesari with Foxtail millet / Thinai. It was really nice. But I have tried kodo millet. It came out pretty well. This is one of the simple recipe for this festive season. This tasted good. You can replace kodo millet or varagu with any other millet. Don't skip grinding it to rawa consistency ...

Kodo millet / Varagu - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2.5 tablespoon (adjust per your taste. I have used brow sugar)
Ghee - 1.5 tablespoon
Cardamom - 1/4 teaspoon
Water - 2.5 cup
Nuts and raisin - 2 teaspoon
Salt - a small pinch
Color - a pinch (optional)


Heat a teaspoon of Ghee and add nuts / Raisin and fry till brown in color. Add Varagu millet and fry till nice aroma released. Switch it off and let it cool down
Grind it into Rava consistency. 
Heat pan and add grinded rava millet fry. In parallel heat 2.5 cup of water
Mix the boiling water into millet and pinch of salt cook it . Add Color, Cardamom, sugar and 2 teaspoon of ghee. Mix well. Now the mixture will be more watery it is ok. Continue to cook till desired consistency
Add Fried nuts/ raisins. Mix well. cook for another min
Switch it off and serve hot