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Diwali brings back alot of childhood memories. When we are kids we used to get new clothes only during festivals that too Diwali and Pongal that too 2 sets only . So we always look forward to the festival so that we get new dresses and show off to the friends and neighbors. We also get any new gold jewelry only during Diwali. My mum used to spend entire day to shop for us.. Being 3 girls at home we still buy lot of fire works. My mum start to prepare the menu at least 1 month before.. We also do lot of snacks / sweets. My grand mother use to do the snacks and distribute to all their kids.
We always have competition who will light the first cracker in the street. I don't have any fear for the fire works. I used to get up very early in the morning, take oil bath and do the crackers and go back to sleep. We also distribute snacks/ sweets. So you will feast on different items... After moving to Singapore I miss all the crackers. If we have plan to visit India My mum buy and keep the stock of fire crackers. But after the major Sivakasi fire cracker accident few years ago my kids refuse to do fire works! Any way Festival mood is good .. I wonder in the olden days our ancestors have festivals at regular intervals for brighten up the mood. Whatever be the reason I am loving it 
I have complied list of Diwali recipes for easy reference 
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