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Strawberry Cornflakes Smoothie - Kids friendly smoothie

I love to try different smoothie for breakfast. It is quite convenient and you can easily make it healthily. If I plan to take just smoothie for breakfast I add Oats or cornflakes. For me it is quite filling. It also quit refreshing. Perfect for breakfasts on the go . You can also have this for a mid morning snack. I also use smoothie as a way to include milk in my daily intake. 

Milk - 1 cup ( I have used Low fat milk)
Cornflakes - 2 tablespoon ( I have used honey roasted Cornflakes so didn't add any sugar or honey. If you need add Honey)
Ice cream of your choice - 1 scoop
Pomegranate - 1/2 cup
Strawberry - 5-8
Ice cubes - as required


First blend dates, Cornflakes, Pomegranate, strawberry. 1/2 cup milk together to smooth paste, Add rest of the milk and ice cream. Whip again. 
Enjoy it
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