Flax Seeds Powder (Podi) - healthy powder for rice, idli, dosa

Whenever I get chance I sneak in flax seeds i do it. I add it in oats, chapathi or rice.. During weekdays my kids prefer to have variety rice. Having pre-made podi / powder makes life easier. This with powder comes very handy when you want to have healthy rice / side dish for idli / or dosa
Flax seeds - 1/2 cup
Urad dhal - 1/4 cup
Bengal gram dhal (Split chana) - 1 tablespoon
Curry Leaves - 1/3 cup
Red chillies - 10-15
Asafoetida - 1/2 teaspoon
Peanut - 1/4 cup ( I had coarse peanut powder so I have used it)
Salt per taste


Dry roast the Flax seeds. When you start to hear cracking sound you can switch it off. When it is roasted the seeds looks so shinny. Spread this on a paper to let it cool down
Dry roast the dhals together till they are slight brown in color. Add to the roasted flax seeds
Roast asafoetida add to flax seeds. Dry roast red chillies and curry leaves until they are crispy
Roast Asafoetida . Roast Peanut powder. cool it completely
In mixie / blender / food processor grind curry leaves and Red chillies into fine powder first. Add flax seeds, dhals, asafoetida, salt and grind coarsely. Add peanut powder and run for another 10 sec
Store it in air tight container. This goes well with rice / idli / dosa. Last for a month if you keep it in the fridge