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I have posted Millet idiyappam recipe before using millet flour. However I had a request for grinding method. So I wanted to post this using Little Millet. This is an easy method too. If you don't have millet flour you can try this method. I didn't add any coconut for grinding batter. You can add 1/4 cup coconut gratings while grinding the batter. This recipe doesn't require any fermentation too. If you don't have the big presser (like in the pic) you can make it in normal Idiyappam presser. 
Idli rice - 1.5 cups
Little Millet / Samari - 1.5 cups
Salt to taste

Wash and Soak Idli rice and little millet together for 4 hrs
Grind it to smooth batter with salt
Grease the idli steamer plate and pour the batter. Cook  till when you touch with wet hand it doesn't stick to your hand
When it is hot place the cooked idli in idiyappam pressure and press it. Spread the noodles / idiyappam with hand. Idli must be hot otherwise it will hard to press
Serve hot
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  1. Lovely recipe veena.Where did u get that big press from ? That makes your life easier right ?

    1. yeah also this gives opportunity to present variation :-).. I brought it from India.. u get it in Ratna stores also

  2. Nice presentation's prefect fr break fast

  3. Wow!! Lovely dear!! That press looks really different!! good info..

  4. Such a healthy idiyappam.. looks very nice..


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