Tasty Mango Overnight Oats Recipe

Are you bored with regular oats? Are you big fan of Mango? Why don't you flavour your oats with mango.. Trust me you will love this combo. I made this with yogurt but you can replace it with milk or coconut milk too. I also didn't add any sugar as Mango itself was so sweet. It is quite a good alternative to regular oats meal

Mango - 1 cup (I have used Banganapalli 1 medium size)
Yogurt - 3/4 cup (If you want the oats to be watery reduce this to 1/2)
Salt - 2 pinchs or as needed
Water - 1 cup
Oats - 1/4 cup (I have used quick cooking oats)
Toasted Sesame seeds - 1 tablespoon (I have used white)
Sugar / Honey - As needed


Clean and remove the skin of mango and make smooth pulp with yogurt
Heat the water and let it boil. Add oats, salt and let it cook.
Reduce the fame completely and add mango, yogurt and toasted sesame seeds. Mix well
Switch it off and serve hot