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Custard Fruit Salad - Summer cooler recipes - Easy Dessert Recipe

I love custard fruit salad Esp with Banana and apple. I find that both of these fruits taste better with custard cream. After my kids have grown up I haven't done this as they are not big fans of it. However recently their taste has been changing also now a days they eat most of the food. So I thought it is right time to try this again. Finally I get a chance to post this in my space.

Milk - 3 cups (I have used low fat)
Sugar - 2.5 tablespoon (I have used brown)
Vanilla custard powder - 2 tablespoon
Mixed fruits - 1 cup (I have used Apple, Banana and grapes)


Take about 3 tablespoon of milk and mix in with custard powder without any lump. Keep it aside
Boil the milk with Sugar. 
Reduce the flame and add custard powder. Continue to stir till it gets thick. (It will get thick with in 3 mins)
Let it cool down and refrigerate it till you need it. Chop the fruits and mix in 
Serve chilled

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  1. Even I love custard very much and now my lo started to taste it. But I do little watery consistency...

  2. One of fav dessert since childhood

  3. This is my favorite dessert... and like it just like this, thick and clumpy! :)

  4. Fruit salad with custard is such a delicious dessert. Looks yummy!

  5. it definitely is a summer cooler.. the very look seems to be sending out cool it

  6. Perfect for the summer!! lovely custard!!


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