Barley beancurd drink - Healthy drink - Protein rich drink

When I went out for a drink with my friends I was not in a mood for my regular tea. I ordered Barley drink. I was expecting simple barley drink but it had beancurd skin. Even though I heard about this I have tasted in savory starter.  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of it. My friends helped me in getting beancurd sheet. It is very refreshing drink

Barley - 3 tablespoon
Water - 1 litter
Sugar to taste ( I have added winter melon sugar (150g). If you don't have this you can replace everything with 1/4 cup of sugar)
Rock sugar  to your taste ( Winter Melon sugar strips were enough for me)
Pandan leaves - 4 leaves
Dry Beancurd sheet - 1


Soak the dry beancurd sheet.Once it is soft drain the water and make it small pieces and keep it aside
In a pan / Wok heat water, winter melon cubes, sugar and barley. Bring it boil and simmer it. Let it cook for another 30-40 mins. Now add pandan leaves, dry beancurd and cook it for another 15 mins. 
Switch it off and discard the winter melon and pandan leaves.
You can have it hot / cold. I prefer it to be cold.