Aloo Bhatoora - Aloo bhatura - Potato batoora - Potato Bhature - Famous Indian puffed roti recipe - Puffed bread recipe

This is one of the favourite recipe for my kids. They love plain Bhatoora  too. Sometimes as a modified version I try Aloo Bhatura. Bhatura with chana masala. I will not have any issue to get them to finish their plate. I can see the happiness in their eyes when they hear or see it in their plate. 

All purpose flour / Maida - 4 cups
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Powdered Sugar  - 2 teaspoons
salt to taste
Potato - 2 (medium)
Oil - 4 tablespoon + Oil for deep frying

Cook and mash the potato.
Sift the Flour, salt in a bowl. Mix curd, sugar. Make a well in the middle pour curd mixture in the middle. Add mashed potato too. Make a soft dough. Leave it for 30 mins
Divide that into equal size 12 balls. Roll out each ball into round or oval shape poori. 
Heat deep pan and oil for deep frying. Once oil is hot drop the rolled Bhatura into oil slowly.

Fry till light brown at both sides drain the oil and leave it on kitchen tissue to drain the excess oil

Serve hot with your favourite side dish