Wheat Idiyappam - wheat flour string hoppers - Healthy breakfast recipe

I love to try different idiyappam recipes (String hoppers).. during my college days idiyappam made with rice flour was one of my least preferred dish for breakfast or dinner. I like idiyappam with freshly grinded batter. However after marriage it has changed. When you need decide menu for everyday idiyappam comes very handy (still I don't really like plain rice flour one however I am ok with flavoured one like pepper, lemon , tomato or sweet etc..).  Wheat is really easy and tasty too.. you should try it out
Wheat flour - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Coconut oil - 2 tablespoon (optional. But it gives good flavour)
Hot water as required


Heat a pan, fry the whole wheat flour in a medium flame for 5-7 mins until you find the flour turning dark brown at the bottom of pan. Turn off the flame.
Transfer the flour into broader vessel. Add salt and coconut oil to it. Boil water 
Add boil water little by little mix well with laddle / spoon. Let it cool down. Knead the flour to make smooth dough. 
Now take idiyappam presser and grease it with oil. Fill it with idiyappam dough and press the dough in circular motion on idli plate
Steam cook it for 7-10 mins or till it is cooked (when you touch with wet hand it shouldn't stick to your hand)
Remove it from the idli cooker and by inverting the idli plate. Repeat the process
Enjoy it with your favourite chutney