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I try to include Millet as part of our menu at least 3 times a week. In my last trip to India I basically got all the millet roasted and made powder by giving it in mills. I have been trying different things with it. It really turns out to be great option for replacing rice flour in most traditional rice flour dishes. Idiyappam is one such dish. 
Kodo millet flour / Varagu flour - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Coconut oil - 2 tablespoon (optional. But it gives good flavour)
Hot water as required


If you don't have flour you can dry roast the kodo millet and grind to powder in mixie / blender or food processor. Sieve it to get smooth powder. Use smooth powder for making idiyappam.
Take the flour into broader vessel. Add salt and coconut oil ot it. Boil water and add that little by little mix well with laddle / spoon. Let it cool down
Knead the flour to make smooth dough. Now take idiyappam presser and grease it with oil.
Fill it with idiyappam dough and press the dough in circular motion on idli plate
Steam cook it for 7-10 mins or till it is cooked (when you touch with wet hand it shouldn't stick to your hand)
Remove it from the idli cooker and by inverting the idli plate. Repeat the process
Enjoy it with your favourite chutney
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  1. wow great twist to the classic idiyappam:-)

  2. really interesting one and love this one instead of regular one

  3. wow..looks super healthy,similar to rice idiyappam :)

  4. Healthy idiyappam.. looks very nice and soft..

  5. wow !! thats such a nice recipe.. will try fr sure

  6. Can you make roti/chapati from Varagu Flour ?

  7. Wow.! Definitely going to try this soon. I have zero experience with millet based food. How do I know when it is sufficiently roasted? I'd prefer to prepare my own flour.

    1. I have dry roasted till nice aroma released (still the color will be same)


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