Tender coconut mint cooler - Elaneer cooler - Elaneer, mint cooler - Summer recipes

Last time when I was in India I visited Ente Keralam. Food was so tasty. I particularly enjoyed the drink with tender coconut. It was so refreshing and it had a unique taste but was very refreshing. I asked the server for the ingredients he told me it is made up of Tender coconut water, mint, young coconut from tender coconut. I have added little bit of coconut milk too. It is really refreshing. Perfect summer cooler

Tender coconut water / Elaneer - 1.5 cup
Tender coconut - 2 tablespoon
Mint leaves - 10
Coconut milk - 2 tablespoon


Bend tender coconut, mint and coconut milk.
Add it to the Coconut water and mix well
Serve it cool with few ice cubes .. Enjoy