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I never tasted Jigarthanda‬ in India. But after moving to SG, once I was with my Madurai friends in Murugan idli Kadai and It was pretty hot outside. I saw this drink while it was being made and I asked what it was and my friends explained about it. So I tried and after that I take it whenever I visit them. It is heavy but really refreshing. I wanted to do it at home and I asked for the recipe from my friends and I got it from them. I don't know this is traditional or not but it tasted really good.


Milk - 1 cup per cup
Nanari (Nannari) Sharbat Syrup - 1.5 tablespoon per cup
Ice Cream - 1 scoop per cup
Soaked Badam Pisin / Almond gum (Edible gum) - 2 teaspoon per cup 
Colored sprinklers for garnishing or your choice


To get 2 teaspoon of badam pisin you need 1/8 teaspoon of dry one and soak it overnight.
Boil the milk till it reduces into 1/2. Let it cool down and refrigerate it for at least 1 hr 
Take a tall cup and add Soaked Padam Pisin. Add nanari syrup
Add cooled milk and add ice cream 
Serve immediately