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Asoka Halwa - Ashoka Halwa - Moong Dhal Halwa - Bean paste dessert - Simple dessert, sweet

My great grand ma makes this halwa and it really tastes good. These days I have tasted it only in marriages. Ashoka Halwa is a very popular sweet dish in Tanjavur and Thiruvaiyaru. I wanted to try it at home. I was not sure whether kids would like it. As usual My first son didn't like it but my hubby and 2nd one loved it. So here you go with recipe.. Happy Holi to all the readers
Moong dal / split yellow dhal - 1 cup
Wheat flour / Atta - 1.5 tablesoon
sugar - 1 cup to 1.25 cup (adjust to your sweetness)
Cardamom powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Cashew nuts - 1 teaspoon (I have used baked version)
Food color (orange) - 2 pinch
Ghee - 1/2 cup (You may not need all)


Heat 1/2 teaspoon of ghee and roast the moong dal till raw smell goes off.
Add water and cook it. Let it cool down and grind to smooth paste. 
Heat 1/2 teaspoon of ghee and add wheat flour and roast it in low flame till nice aroma released. Keep it aside
Add water and sugar in a pan and boil it till sugar is completely dissolved. Keep it aside.
Add 1 teaspoon of ghee and grinded dhal paste and sugar in a pan. Continue to cook in low flame till sugar completely melted. Add fried Wheat flour. Mix well. Continue to cook till the mixture is thick. 
Add color, Cardamom powder and 2 tablespoon of ghee. Mix well. When Ghee absorbed add another tablespoon of Ghee. Continue to add Ghee till the halwa is not absorbing any more ghee. When Halwa is coming together without sticking to the pan and glossy switch it off
Tasty and Rich Halwa is ready! Serve hot and enjoy
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  1. When I see the pic itself I feel like having a few scoops.Moong dal and wheat combination is so healthy instead of maida and cornflour halwa we see these days

  2. Mouth-watering halwa!! Wish I was your neighbour :)

  3. Different recipe with wheat flour added .. usually we make only with moong dal. Looks delicious and inviting !

  4. delicious and mouth watering halwa...good you added wheat flour,very well done :)

  5. yeah!!! mouth watering halwa..a traditional recipe.

  6. I had seen this halwa in one of the cookery shows being prepared in one of the hotels in Tanjavur in large quantity,added to my do list too but somehow kept looking at this recipe,makes me drool...worth a try :)

  7. Halwa looks delicious and mouthwatering..


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