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Caramelized Roti Crisps - Kids friendly snack

Last week when I was in India my mum ordered chapathi / roti from outside for our get together. We had some left over roties after that. My niece was asked me to make something different. So I googled it and saw this at Vegbowl. This looks different and is kids friendly. So I made this. Everyone enjoyed it. After coming back home I had some left over roties and wanted to something for my kids after their long day at school. This time I managed to take the photos. 
Roti / Chapathi / tortilla - 2 (I have used Roti)
Sugar - 3 teaspoons
Cardamom powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Ghee /oil - 2 teaspoon


cut the roti into smaller pieces or in any desired shape / size
Heat the pan / wok and add sliced rotis. Add Sugar. 
When started to melt add ghee. Fry till sugar caramelize. This might take about 3-4 mins. Sugar will melt and roti pieces will be coated with melted sugar. Add cardamom powder amd fry for another 2 mins in low flame.
Serve hot

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  1. You made me nostalgic here Veena. My mother always used to utilize the eft over rotis this way and we used to enjoy these 'ruti bhaja' with tea next day :)

  2. Sounds a healthy and delicious snack..

  3. Really going to be kids favorite.Crunchy and sweet.

  4. Wow caramelized rotis look so yumm

  5. great idea to get over left over rotis and yummy snack !


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