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There are few snacks which are very close to my heart because during childhood when we all assemble at my grandma house it is rituals to do. Each one of is assigned with a task. Pretty much every one is involved in make the dish. But these days we get very good snacks from shops so pretty much buy it every time. Last time When I visited my mum I saw this press and thought of trying out for Diwali. So brought the press from her. This is one of my kids favourite. Now my son says we should do it at home than buying it. If you are doing it alone do it in small batch as it takes some time to roll these. I find it  is faster than making seedai though

Rice flour - 2 cup (I have used Idiyappam flour)
Toasted Urad dhal flour - 1/2 cup (I had toasted urad dhal flour. If you don't hv roast urad dhal and grind to powder. Sieve it to get powder without any coarse pieces)
Sesame seeds - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Coconut milk - 1/2 cup (thick milk)
Warm water as required to knead the dough
Oil for deep frying

Dry roast the sesame seeds and Urad dhal powder separately.
Take a broader vessel take rice flour, urad dhal flour, Sesame seeds, Salt and butter. Add coconut milk and warm water to make smooth dough. Make sure you add water little by little. Cover it with wet cloth. You need to use plate with ridges for making this. 
Put dough in murukku press. Stuff it with dough and press long strips on a clean tissue or towel. Cut them into small strips to cover your index finger. Now take the cut strips and roll it around the finger and combine together the edges to seal the ends. Repeat the process till all dough is done
Heat the oil and when it is hot add few pieces at a time and let it cook in medium flame. Turn it over regularly. Each batch will take about 3-5 mins to get it cook. Once cooked drain the oil and remove it from fire. Leave it on the tissue paper to drain the extra oil
Once cool down store it in air tight container and enjoy it